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Turning around a toxic team

If you have ever worked in a toxic environment, it can be a living nightmare.  It can not only have a devastating impact on performance, but can cause severe mental distress for the individuals in your team.  It is that serious.  A toxic team is a broken team, and the culture is sustaining or reinforcing …

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What are the most important considerations when hiring?

As a leader, possibly one of the most critical decisions you make is who to hire and who not too.  People are the lifeblood of every organisation.  But did you know as many as 50% of all new hires fail?  Did you also know that staff retention levels are also seriously reducing?  That means hiring …

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Tips for managing a team you were just a member of

Have you recently been promoted to lead the team you were just a member of?  Congratulations!  It is an exciting and sometimes daunting time.  Your paycheck just got a little fatter (I hope) and you have a nice new shiny title to go along with it.  But your world is about to change drastically, whether …

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The difference between governance and management

Governance and management The terms governance and management are common in business.  So what is the difference between governance and management?   Why does it matter?   The role of governance Every business has a governing body.  This is either the business owners, or a group of people who are accountable for organisations overall performance.   For …

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Improving work-life balance while working from home

Working from home: the new norm People working from home is on the rise.  Even before the pandemic, more companies were letting their staff work from home.  But a recent study by S&P Global has found that 67% of employers surveyed plan to make the change permanent.  Simply put, it is much easier to access …

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The most sought-after management skills

The most sought-after management skills Today’s job market is more competitive and technology-driven than ever before.  The most sought-after management skills by employers still include a range of both hard and soft skills.   The process of building a robust skill set doesn’t end; you need to keep sharpening your skills to remain marketable.   And hard …

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