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Free personality test

January 12, 2021
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free personality test

First, lead yourself

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you can't lead people until you can lead yourself"?   Understanding our own style, working preferences, and weakenesses, is key if we want to engage and communicate with others more effectively.   By taking our free personality test, you will gain better insights on how you come across to others.


Discover your personality super powers!

We are of course each richly unique.  This assessment identifies your preferences and identifies which, among 16 key personality architypes, fit you best based on your answers.   Each personality type is identifed by how you fit on four scales.  There are of course no right and wrong answers, no good or bad results - just intersting insights into how you operate!   These scales help identify how we each gain energy (socially or internally), communicate, interpret information and make decisions, and perceive the external world around us.   You can then use these insights to play to your strengths to overcome any potential weakenesses in certain situations.


Personality assessments for your entire team!

Make it fun!  As we provide this personality test freely, you are welcome to share the link with members in your team.   This is a great team building tool, if you then run workshops to each share your results openly.   The power lies in better understanding each other, so why not include your entire team so they can all learn how to better understand and collaborate with each other.


Why it is important

1. By increasing awareness of your personality type, you can develop a better sense of your tendencies and play to your strengths.

2. It can help you identify how you relate to, and are perceived by others, better enabling you to adapt your style in different situations.

Note: To learn more about self-awareness, please see our related article here.


Taking the test

When you are ready, click the link below to start the test.  The test takes about 5-8 minutes to answer 32 simply questions about your preferences.  You will then receive your own private and personalised assessment results in PDF, specific to yourself.


Each question has two opposing personality choices at two sides of a five-point scale. For each item you must select an interval on this scale that best reflects your personality or approach; from all of one, to a mix of the two, to all of the other.

For example, if the question was;

1. I like to…      walk. O  O  O  O  O drive.

If you like to do both equally, you’d click on the middle point of the scale,

e.g.      walk. O  O  X  O  O drive.

Or if you only like to drive, you would click on the point closest to the word drive,

e.g       walk. O  O  O  O  X drive.

Or if you prefer to drive but occasionally walk, you could select the second point closest to the word drive,

e.g.       walk. O  O  O  X  O drive.