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Leading by example in the workplace

October 1, 2020
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Inspire - lead by example

An example of great success due to leading by example is provided by General Curtis Lemay.

Who was Curtis Lemay?

He was an American aviator, who eventually became Chief of Staff of the entire US air force in the early 1960s. During World War II, he was posted to Europe in command of a bomber group. He was very dissatisfied with the results that his bombers were achieving and believed they could do much better.  How did he rectify this?

He devised a new strategy that he was convinced was better.  To prove this, he flew in a lead bomber, in extreme danger, to show that it did.  It was a very successful method and completely transformed the methods of bombing that the Americans used.


Leadership in a crisis

Despite Covid-19, we currently live in more peaceful times than Lemay.  But during a crisis you don’t have to look far to identify those who understand the importance of leading by example.